NASN Research Project Response

THANK YOU for your interest in our research project!

As you know, we are conducting this study for the National Association of School Nurses (NASN) to determine the effectiveness of their new health education program, “The Opioid Crisis: Help Teens Make Informed Decisions.”

All you need to do to participate in the study is to have your students complete a short questionnaire before and after they complete the program’s three classroom activities. We will send you enough copies of the questionnaire for all your students and a postage-paid envelope to return the forms to YMI. We will also include a brief educator survey to gather your opinions about the program. Once we receive the completed pre- and post-questionnaires, we will send you a $150 stipend.

Please confirm that you are willing to help us with this project by filling out the form below. Then click Submit to send us your response. If you wish to review this new health program in advance, please click here.

Thanks in advance for your support!