4 Tips For Teaching Elementary School Children

As educators, we know that you can often feel overwhelmed by the number of things you have to pack into one school day. Between staff meetings, lesson planning, counseling, mediating, (and don’t forget actually teaching), you’ve got a lot on your plate. New educators are more overloaded than ever before. That’s why Young Minds Inspired has collected these four tips for teaching elementary-age children. Join Young Minds Inspired for free lesson plans for elementary students, activity sheets, and more!

teacher at the desk of a young student

Establish a Routine

The most important thing about teaching elementary school children is establishing a routine. Young students need predictability in order to succeed, and they need to know what is expected of them. Elementary children can reach our highest expectations, but only if they know what those expectations are. Consider starting each day with a review of the rules, expectations, and schedule.

teacher at the chalkboard

Use a Lesson Plan

Elementary lesson plans serve as a great baseline for delivering consistent and engaging lessons to your students. Check out the free lessons from Young Minds Inspired for some great ways to start your semester planning.

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Meet Them Where They’re At

Every class is going to be a mix of students. Some will need more scaffolding and intervention than others, and some will be so advanced that they get bored with standard lessons. Don’t expect anything when a student walks into your classroom. Conduct some baseline tests for math and literacy and use those results to group your students into their levels. Student development is built by educators who understand the need for a fresh start every year.

teacher smiling with the class

Build a Relationship

Elementary students are not intrinsically motivated to work hard, and it’s not their fault. It takes a lot of effort to get a young child to see the long-term benefit of education, but if you start with a foundation of trust, respect, and friendship, you can get any student to put their best foot forward. Try greeting each student with a fist bump or hug in the morning and taking time to learn what their interests are.

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