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Take a Day Time Break for Mental Wellness

Grades: Middle School
Subject Area: Health & Wellness, Social-Emotional Learning

Children need support navigating their thoughts and feelings, and teachers can play a vital role in this effort. Support your students’ mental health by helping them develop practical strategies for building empathy and improving self-care.

Disney & Pixar’s Soul

Grades: 3-5
Subject Area: Social Studies, Music, and Language Arts

The Soul educational program introduces students to jazz and some legendary musicians, and encourages kids to reflect on the movie’s central theme of self-discovery.

IIHS in the Classroom

Grades: 5-12
Subject Area: STEM, Science, Physics, Biology, Safety

The IIHS in the Classroom website is designed to help students explore the science behind what happens in a car crash — both to the car and to those inside it — and discover why some vehicles are safer than others. It features engaging, interactive resources to enhance lessons on energy, inertia, impulse, and momentum.

Family Resources for Home-Based Learning

Grades: Preschool - Grade 8
Subject Area: All

As the coronavirus emergency closes schools across the country, we and our partners hope that our free educational resources will help you enrich the home-based learning experience for your children. Visit this microsite for ready-to-use resources that we think families will find especially helpful.

Help Erase Bullying for Good

Grades: 6-8
Subject Area: Language Arts, Social-Emotional Learning

The Erase Bullying for Good educational program helps students recognize bullying, understand its causes, learn prevention strategies, and become upstanders in the community.

The Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library

Grades: 1-4
Subject Area: Language Arts, Science, Social Studies

Take your students on an adventure in space and to the North and South Poles with The Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library. Spark your students’ imaginations, while supporting your language arts, social studies, and science curricula.

Building Your Future

Grades: High School
Subject Area: Financial Literacy, Math

Give your students the financial know-how they need with interactive lesson plans that provide hands-on experience in all phases of money management. Along the way, students practice the math skills essential for a financially healthy life, including the use of modern math technologies such as spreadsheets and online calculators.

Balanced Choices for Healthy Habits

Grades: Middle & High Schools
Subject Area: Family & Consumer Sciences

Back-to-school is a great time to talk about making choices that will help lead to lifelong health-promoting habits, which includes eating balanced meals. Students will discover how pork is a nutrient-rich protein choice for balanced meals.

Have Fun, Learn, and Grow with Go! Go! Cory Carson

Grades: Daycare, Preschool
Subject Area: Creative Play, Language, Math, Social-emotional Learning

Take your students on an adventure with Cory Carson — a little kid car with an engine that runs on fun who loves to explore and learn.

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