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Go For Real

Grades: Middle & High School
Subject Area: Health & Safety, Consumer Education, Civics

While many teens understand the potential dangers of counterfeit products, few care enough to change their buying habits. That’s where Go For Real can make a difference. Use the "Dupe Detector" digital kit and online shopping game to show students the risks that come with purchasing counterfeits and how to spot a fake online.

My Little Pony: Share Your Sparkle!

Grades: Ages 4-6
Subject Area: Early Learning and Social Skills

Help your class sparkle with hope, creativity, inclusion, and kindness. The new “mane” characters of My Little Pony will show children how they can help change the world and inspire them to celebrate each other’s unique differences.

You Will Be Found

Grades: Ages 14-17
Subject Area: Language Arts, Music, SEL

Engage your students in meaningful discussions about identity, empathy, inclusivity, communication, support, and hope with activities focused on the inspirational messages and themes of the film Dear Evan Hansen.

Emotional Empowerment

Grades: 1-6
Subject Area: Health & Wellness, Social-Emotional Learning

Children need support navigating their thoughts and feelings, and teachers can play a vital role in this effort. Support your students’ mental health by helping them develop practical strategies for building emotional empowerment, empathy, and self-care.

Power Up! with PJ Masks

Grades: Pre-School, Pre-K, K
Subject Area: SEL, Language Arts, Math

Help your students Power Up! for the new school year with PJ Masks and activities that focus on teamwork and friendship and support early learning skills.

Paper Grows Trees

Grades: K-6
Subject Area: Environmental Science, Language Arts, Math

Explore why paper is one of the most recycled resources on the planet, and how wood-based products like paper help support sustainable forest management practices while providing economic, social, and environmental benefits through activities like recycling.

Power Rangers: We Can All Be Rangers!

Grades: 1-3
Subject Area: Language Arts, Diversity, Inclusion, Teamwork

Explore what it means to be a valued team member with new episodes and activities on teamwork, cooperation, and inclusion from POWER RANGERS Dino Fury.

Transformers: Conserve and Create

Grades: 1-3
Subject Area: STEAM and Social-Emotional Skills

Challenge students with creative STEAM lessons on energy sources and geometry, as well as activities that foster teamwork and cooperation, based on a new series of episodes of TRANSFORMERS.

Choose Your Own Road Trip Adventure with The Addams Family 2

Grades: 3-5
Subject Area: Critical Thinking, Creative Writing

Take your students on a road trip with The Addams Family and lessons about family, traditions, and staying true to yourself.

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