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A Peanuts Gang Anniversary Celebration

Grades: Elementary (K-6)
Subject Area: Language Arts, SEL
Inspire your students to celebrate friendship and their own talents with Franklin Armstrong and his friends in the Peanuts Gang.

Stuart Gibbs Mission: Write

Grades: Grades 4-7
Subject Area: Language Arts
Bestselling author Stuart Gibbs is on a mission to inspire young people to see themselves as writers with a free creative-writing video series. Enjoy the whole series or individual units.

Cotton Inc.Cotton Science
and Sustainability

Grades: 2-4, 4-6, 5-8
Subject Area: STEM, Environmental Science, Math
Explore the lifecycle of the cotton plant, its various uses, and sustainability on cotton farms with the new “Cotton: From Dirt to Shirt” program for grades 2-4. Take your class on a 360-degree video field trip to get an up-close look at the cotton lifecycle and enhance your students’ learning experience.

Puzzles, Mazes, and Mysteries Inspired by Dungeons & Dragons

Grades: Grades 4-6, 6-8
Subject Area: Language Arts, Mathematics
Take your students on an imaginary adventure with captivating puzzle-based activities that encourage students to be inclusive, adaptive, creative, and collaborative in their real-world connections.

Bring Dairy Farming Into Your Classroom

Grades: Elementary Grades 2-4
Subject Area: Math, Language Arts, Nutrition
Teach your students about sustainable dairy farming, cow care, and nutrition with programs and activities inspired by dairy farmers.

Let's Get Real

Grades: Elementary, Middle School, and High School (grades 2-12)
Subject Area: SEL, Language Arts
Support your students in building a sense of self and understanding authenticity, and guide them to celebrate who they are on the inside and out.

Sleep Well

Grades: Grades 9-12, 6-8, 3-5
Subject Area: Language Arts, Health and Wellness
Raise student awareness about the connection between sleep and physical and mental well-being. These activities present facts on the benefits of healthy sleep habits, challenge students to evaluate their own sleep behaviors, and provide tips for a good night’s sleep.

Go For Real

Grades: Secondary School
Subject Area: English Language Arts, Health, and Family and Consumer Sciences
Teach students about the risks and dangers associated with counterfeit products and help them make smart buying decisions. Includes activities and a digital trivia game.

Check Out What’s Chilling!

Grades: Grades 3-5 and 6-8
Subject Area: Family & Consumer Sciences, Health, English Language Arts, Math
Teach students that eating nutritious foods is important for their health and the health of our planet. Unfortunately, 30 to 40% of the food produced in America ends up in landfills — a preventable waste of our resources. Introducing students to diverse food options, portioning, and meal planning, can help expand their food choices and reduce food waste.

Indiana — Fuel Up to Play 60!

Grades: Grades K-12
Subject Area: Health, Nutrition, Fitness, English Language Arts
Equip your students with tools to “fuel up” their bodies and minds for a successful school year. This free school nutrition and fitness program from the National Dairy Council and the NFL in collaboration with the USDA features a variety of free resources.

Medicine Safety

Grades: Grades 5-6, 7-8
Subject Area: Health, English Language Arts, STEM
This free multi-media educational program is designed to teach students and their families how to use, store, and dispose of OTC medicines safely, as well as how to avoid medicine mistakes and misuse.

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