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YMI and our partners are proud to provide free classroom and home-based educational resources to help you create a dynamic learning experience for your students. New programs are added regularly. Check back often to see the latest and sign up to be notified!

The Real Deal on Fentanyl

Grades: Grades 6-12
Subject Area: Health, English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies
Help students learn myths, facts, and dangers surrounding fentanyl and how to protect themselves from the illicit drug.

Explore Emotions with
Inside Out 2

Grades: Grades 1-3
Subject Area: English Language Arts, Social and Emotional Learning
Explore emotions with activities inspired by Disney and Pixar’s Inside Out 2 to help students identify and express emotions, brainstorm healthy ways to manage them, and support others who may be experiencing strong emotions.

Just-Right Reads

Grades: Grades 2-3
Subject Area: English Language Arts
Support your students’ reading and ELA skills as they explore characters and settings and discover books that are “just right” for their reading levels and varied interests.

Storytelling with the Bard

Grades: Grades 3-5, 6-8
Subject Area: Language Arts, STEAM
Teach your students story elements, creative thinking, and narrative writing with activities inspired by the roleplaying game, Dungeons & Dragons (D&D).

Don't Sweat It!

Grades: High School 9-12
Subject Area: ELA, FCS
Help students prepare for job interviews and life after graduation with activities that explore decision making and how cotton can help keep them cool along their journey.

Mission Authenticity

Grades: Elementary Grades 2-5
Middle/High School Grades 6-12
Subject Area: ELA, Health, SEL
Introduce students to the importance of always being the truest and most authentic version of themselves with games and activities that will inspire creativity, critical thinking and social emotional learning.

Steering Toward Success: Adventures and Learning in Marine Careers

Grades: Middle, High School
Subject Area: Career Preparedness, STEM, Geography, ELA
Introduce students to careers on yachts and other vessels using hands-on lessons that challenge them to think outside the box and encourage teamwork.

Sleep Smart

Grades: Grades 3-5
Subject Area: Health, English Language Arts
Raise awareness about the physical and mental benefits of proper sleep. The standards-based activities include tips for establishing good sleep habits and extend the learning by involving family members.

Solar Science with the Peanuts Gang!

Grades: Elementary (K-6)
Subject Area: STEM, ELA
Inspire your students to become citizen scientists as the solar eclipse sweeps across the United States on April 8, 2024.

What you say matters. Even online!

Grades: Grades 4-6
Subject Area: English Language Arts, Social-Emotional Learning
Help your students become responsible, kind, and safe digital citizens with activities inspired by the new middle grade novel Finally Heard by award-winning author Kelly Yang.

Medicine Safety

Grades: Grades 5-6, 7-8
Subject Area: Health, English Language Arts, STEM
NEW videos, activities, and game added to this free educational program to teach students and their families how to use, store, and dispose of OTC medicines safely, as well as how to avoid medicine mistakes and misuse.

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