Little Live Pets — Fun and Learning With Pet Friends

Grades: Pre-school—Kindergarten
Subject Area: Early Learning, SEL

Animals from Little Live Pets™ help students celebrate Valentine’s Day, the first day of spring, Earth Day, and National Pet Month with engaging activities.

NASN – The Opioid Crisis

Grades: 6-12
Subject Area: Health, Language Arts

Raise students' awareness about the dangers of opioids to help your students make informed choices if they are in a situation involving these drugs. Activities focus on the impact of opioids on the body, warning signs of opioid misuse, how to find help if needed.

NFRA – Think Cool

Grades: 3-5, 6-8
Subject Area: Health, Family & Consumer Sciences

Help your students discover how frozen and refrigerated foods can be a smart, convenient, eco-friendly way to eat healthy, ensure food safety, and help our world by reducing food waste.

Sound Off with the Home Fire Safety Patrol

Grades: 2-3
Subject Area: Safety, Math, Language Arts

Let the Home Fire Safety Patrol help you educate students and families about the importance of working smoke alarms, the meaning of the sounds they make, and where they belong in a home. Students also learn how to spot and correct common home fire dangers, and how to plan for a fast escape in case a home fire happens.

Fin-Tastic Fun with Baby Shark

Grades: Early Childhood, Pre-K, Kindergarten
Subject Area: Early learning social skills, pre-reading, math

Dive into learning with Baby Shark and his friends and activities that invite children to explore the ocean habitat and create dances using counting skills and creativity.

Drive2Life PSA Contest

Grades: 6-12
Subject Area: Language Arts, Media, Communications

Raise student awareness about road-sharing safety and have them use facts they learn and their creativity to develop a script for a 30-second PSA video to encourage drivers, pedestrians, bicyclists, and e-scooter riders to share the road safely. Prizes for students and teachers. Contest Deadline: March 21, 2022

We the People: A Civics Remix

Grades: Middle School (grades 6-8)
Subject Area: History, Civics, Language Arts, Music

Inspire your students to become active citizens and use their voices to act on issues that impact them and their community using the music, power, and passion of Netflix’s We the People animated music video series.

Choosing Kind

Grades: Elementary 4-6
Subject Area: Language Arts

Inspire your students to choose to be kind, to celebrate differences, and to reflect on the power of words and actions with language arts activities inspired by R.J. Palacio’s award-winning book, Wonder.

All about the Nutrition Facts Label

Grades: Middle School 6-8 and High School 9-12
Subject Area: Health

Encourage your students to make informed food choices that will contribute to lifelong healthy eating habits with activities and resources in English and Spanish that make it easier for them to understand and use the new Nutrition Facts label in their daily dietary decisions.

Connecting Kids to Coverage

Grades: Elementary, Middle, High School
Subject Area: Health

Help students prepare for whatever the school year brings by raising community awareness about free or low-cost health coverage for eligible families through Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

Emotional Empowerment

Grades: 1-6
Subject Area: Health & Wellness, Social-Emotional Learning

Children need support navigating their thoughts and feelings, and teachers can play a vital role in this effort. Support your students’ mental health by helping them develop practical strategies for building emotional empowerment, empathy, and self-care.

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