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Help inspire girls to pursue their STEM interests with video-profiles that provide a new lens through which to see their STEM future. Students will meet women in STEM fields who share their stories to help mentor the next generation of women STEM leaders. Features female achievers in digital development, cosmetics research, sports analytics, theme park engineering, and fashion.



A free remote learning platform, ClassDojo helps teachers instantly communicate and engage with students and families, providing the ideal tool for creating an online learning community while schools are closed during the coronavirus emergency. Watch this video to learn more, and visit to register.


Kids STEM Guide

Ideal for young learners interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, this carefully crafted database identifies websites, camps, and contests that can help increase kids’ exposure to STEM fields in fun, creative, and interactive ways. Resources are organized by age group (K-5 & 6-12), as well as by subject (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math), and there is a dedicated section featuring sites with a specific focus on girls, who continue to be underrepresented in STEM careers.



A place where educators can come together to create and share their very best teaching resources. Offers thousands of free K-12 lesson plans in all subject areas, and a resource bank for Common Core State Standards. Visit YMI on ShareMyLesson.

Share My Lessons has just launched Remote Learning Coronavirus Preparation Community. This new community builds off the collection of materials they’ve been creating and sharing since January.


Owlie Skywarn’s Weather-Ready Classroom

The National Weather Service invites your students to explore Owlie Skywarn’s Weather-Ready Classroom, a week-long learning experience designed to increase students’ knowledge, awareness, and preparedness in case of severe and hazardous weather.


Do the Prep Step!

Make emergency preparedness a priority at your school with The Prep Step, a fun song and dance that teaches kids the basics of emergency preparedness and keeps them grooving and moving. In just 90 seconds, children learn the importance of knowing In Case of Emergency (ICE) contacts, making a plan, and packing a go-bag.


Center for Online Education

Focusing only on public and private nonprofit schools, this valuable website provides the most up-to-date, accurate information about the online learning experience. Students will find college rankings, practical guides, and in-depth analyses of current online education trends as well as resources and tips on topics ranging from financial aid and accreditation, to study skills and career planning.


The Technological Side of Online Degrees

Practical advice for choosing the right technology to succeed at distance learning.


Stay Connected

Hurricane Katrina led to 5,000 reports of missing children. A decade later, do children and their care providers know who to contact in case of an emergency, when cellphones may be unreliable? Use Save the Children‘s Emergency Contact Card Maker to create a lifeline between parent and child, so that they can be reunified quickly after a disaster.


Growing Up Online

The first release from The More You Know Learning Series, developed in collaboration with NBC News, Growing Up Online — a free, interactive e-book — provides a totally new way for teachers and parents to talk with kids about the Internet. Features four live-action comic book stories that focus on teaching children how to be responsible and safe online.


Federal Resources for Educational Excellence

An index of free learning resources available from U.S. government agencies, including lesson plans, primary documents, photos, and videos.


Education World

A home for educators on the Internet, where teachers can share ideas and find high-quality lesson plans and research materials.

Educator Community

eClassroom News

Connects you to all the latest news, information, and resources on how today’s teachers are using technology in the classroom to advance learning.


Common Core State Standards Initiative

Review the standards in English Language Arts and Mathematics.



A social networking website where K-20 teachers can interact and upload resources for others to share.