Holiday Cookie Exchange Puzzler

The Holiday Cookie Exchange Puzzler

December 22nd is Cookie Exchange Day! 🍪 We put together a printable cookie puzzle as an easy and fun activity for your students to enjoy. Check it out:

It’s time for a cookie exchange! This fun group of friends got together to swap cookies. They each baked a different cookie. At the cookie exchange, they will trade their cookies for the cookies that their friends baked.

What type of cookie did each friend bake? Can you figure it out? Read the names and cookies on the chart. Then read the clues below. If you make a match, put a checkmark ( √ ) in the box where the character and cookie names meet. Then, fill in the empty boxes in the column under the character’s name with Xs so you know that you’ve matched that character. And, put Xs in the empty boxes in the cookie row to show that cookie has been matched. Place an X in any other box if you can rule it out. Hint: Start by reading all the clues.

Cookie Exchange Clues
• Nutcracker refused to look at or hear about another nut.
• Elf loves chocolate, but decided to spice things up this year.
• Reindeer is allergic to nuts.
• Snowman is not a fan of snowman-shaped sugar cookies.
• Mrs. Claus added shimmery sprinkles to her cookies and chanted a familiar rhyme that reminds her of them. (Think about a rhyme that includes spice and nice!)
• Nutcracker doesn’t like raisins. They stick to his mouth, which makes it hard for him to do his job.
• Snowman stays away from ovens.
• Reindeer mixed up a batch of cookies named for two key ingredients.
• Elf asked her friends to help roll her cookie dough and cut out people shapes.
• Nutcracker’s cookies begin with letters that remind him of the sound of his favorite thing to watch during the holidays—a train going around the tree!

Download this activity as a reproducible sheet: