Junior Explorer Club – Teacher Survey

Jeff Corwin ConnectThank you for taking the time to complete this survey. JeffCorwinConnect, a company co-founded by Emmy Award winning TV host, conservationist, and biologist Jeff Corwin, is developing an interactive eco-learning kids club. The Junior Explorer Club’s goal is to inspire kids to explore the natural world so they can understand how nature works. JeffCorwinConnect has partnered with YMI to engage teachers to help improve this club. Please share your opinions and HELP US MAKE A BETTER CLUB! When you have completed the survey, click the SUBMIT button at the end.

  • Please tell us about your school.

  • Here is a brief description of the Junior Explorer Club program.

  • Kids who sign up to become Junior Explorers will receive monthly mission kits in the mail with a mission letter, animal and ecosystem fact sheets, badges, and animal photos. They will then go online to complete an eco-mission where they will learn about a specific ecosystem and a set of species in that ecosystem.

    The eco-missions will include, quizzes, games, and other fun educational experiences. Upon finishing a mission kids will submit their mission report and receive a completion certificate.

  • If YES, please provide your contact information. We will be in touch with details.