Conserve and Create

We Can All Be Rangers!

Grades: 1-3
Subject Area: Transformers: STEAM and Social-Emotional Skills
Power Rangers: Language Arts, Diversity, Inclusion and Teamwork
Made Possible By: Hasbro

Bring teamwork and fun into your classrooms with activities from TRANSFORMERS and POWER RANGERS. With the help of TRANSFORMERS, your students will journey to Cybertron and back with hands-on lessons that will channel enthusiasm and imagination, while supporting collaboration. They’ll explore what it means to be a valued team member with activities from POWER RANGERS, inspired by the latest season of Power Rangers Dino Fury. With the help of these new creative STEAM lessons and inclusivity activities, your school year will be off to a supercharged start!

Click the images below to download the program and view episode clips tied to the program’s themes.