Lesson Plans

Sound Off Family Letters

Grades: Elementary (2-3)

Subject Area: Health & Safety, Math, Language Arts

Made Possible By: Michigan Public Health Institute with a grant from USDHS/FEMA

Use these letters to engage families in the Sound Off learning experience.

  • One letter, signed only by the teacher, informs students’ families about the program and provides them with links to Sound Off resources that they and their children can share at home.
  • The other letter, signed jointly by the teacher and the firefighter, not only introduces the program but also encourages families to request free smoke alarms and a Sound Off Home Safety Visit.

Both letters are available in English and Spanish. Click the images below to download the letters in PDF. Uses the links embedded at the top of the PDF pages to download the letters as Word documents that you can edit and customize.

Click the images below to download the resources.

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