6 Great Apps To
Level Up Student Engagement

📱 Looking for ways to level up student engagement? Check out our latest blog post featuring 6 awesome apps that are sure to keep students excited and motivated in the classroom! 🙌

Revolutionize Your Teaching Game in 2024: Our Favorite Teacher Apps of 2023
Looking for ways to enhance your teaching methods and engage your students in a meaningful way? Look no further than our favorite education apps! From creating digital books and graphic design to interactive lessons and assessments, these apps have got you covered. With tools for providing verbal feedback, managing your classroom, and even making math fun, your students will be excited to learn with these innovative resources. And for those who love to read, there’s even a digital library featuring books, audiobooks, and videos for children. Ready to take your teaching to the next level? Let’s dive in!

Part 1: 6 apps for student engagement and interaction

  • Nearpod: A platform for creating interactive lessons and assessments.
  • Quizlet: A study app featuring flashcards, games, and quizzes for students.
  • Kahoot!: A game-based learning platform for creating quizzes and interactive lessons.
  • Edpuzzle: A tool for creating interactive video lessons with embedded questions.
  • Mathstream: A math app that uses games to make learning fun.
  • Epic!: A digital library of books, audiobooks, and videos for children.

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