Ocean Month

Dive into Ocean Month with our free lesson plans and activities! 🌊🐋 Explore the wonders of the sea and check out two ocean-themed activities at the link below to make a splash in your classroom!

The Blue Planet: Seas of Life – ymiclassroom.com (middle school)
Explore the ocean environment with this study guide to the 8-part documentary series The Blue Planet: Seas of Life. Students conduct hands-on experiments to learn how water temperature and density combine to create ocean currents and how water pressure divides the ocean into different habitats, then research the ecosystems and adaptations of a variety of marine animals.

Santiago of the Seas – ymiclassroom.com (ages 2-6)
Get ready to sail with Santiago of the Seas, an action-adventure series for preschoolers airing weekday mornings on Nickelodeon. In Santiago’s world, friendship, teamwork, and the Good Pirate Code are valued above all. Use these easy-to-implement bilingual activities to reinforce these concepts and give children practice in developmental learning skills. All activities and family letters are available in English and Spanish.