Educator Review – UL Xplorlabs

UL XplorlabsTHANK YOU for agreeing to participate in our review of the UL Xplorlabs program. We need your feedback to determine if this innovative STEM learning resource is appropriate for middle school students and middle school classrooms. Please complete the review form below and click Submit. Once we receive your completed review form, we will send you a $50 Amazon gift card by email within two weeks.

  • The UL Xplorlabs website features two modules:
    • Fire Forensics: Claims and Evidence
    • Portable Electric Power
    Please browse through both modules before answering the questions below.
  • 1. Does the Xplorlabs content seem appropriate for middle school students?
  • 2. Are these topics relevant to your STEM curriculum?
  • 3. How do you think your students would respond to the Xplorlabs learning resources?
  • 6. Please evaluate these components of the Xplorlabs modules:
  • 7. Please evaluate these aspects of the Xplorlabs website: