Welcome to YMI Classroom

YMI Classroom, or Young Minds Inspired, was created to provide dynamic learning experiences to students of all ages and grade levels, and exceptional teaching resources for teachers. All of the material on our site is free and can all be downloaded to your computer so you can include them in your lesson plans. 

In addition to providing free lesson plans, we also provide educator resources like ClassDojo, LightaSpark, ShareMyLesson, and so much more. We believe that educators should have access to resources like these so they can provide the best educational experiences for their students. Furthermore, we believe that learning can be fun, which is why our lesson plans are based on themes, movies, books, and more! Check out our free K-8, high school, and college lesson plans and become a member today.


Why provide free educational resources?

Teaching is sometimes undervalued, and more often an underfunded, career. Considering the fact that the educators of today are teaching and shaping the leaders of tomorrow, it is an exceptionally good idea to do what is possible to give them the resources they need to create a fun, inclusive, and effective learning environment. This was our mission before the coronavirus, but the virus has only exacerbated the need for free online resources for schools. As both teachers and students navigate the ins and outs of distance and online learning, it is more important than ever to ensure that students are still receiving a high-quality education.  

Teachers deserve a lot of credit for all the hats they wear. For around eight hours a day, they are stand-in parents for roughly 20-30 kids. They are mentors and guidance counselors to these children, and their work certainly doesn’t stop when the last bell rings. They work well past work hours searching for lesson plans that will make learning easier and more engaging. YMI Classroom eases the burden of constantly finding new material by providing rotating lesson plans so educators always have access to new and fun content to teach. 

With lesson plans organized by grade level and subject, to teacher guides and helpful articles, YMI Classroom works to solve some of the problems that educators face today. All of our resources can be viewed on our website, and all materials can be downloaded for teaching convenience.   


Join the YMI Educator Network

The YMI Educator Network membership is open to all educators at all grade levels, from preschool through college, as well as educators working outside the classroom in community youth programs, sports programs, summer camps, public libraries, community centers, senior centers, and religious institutions. Through this membership, you’ll receive free teaching kits, posters, DVDs, activity sheets, and other free educational resources by mail or email. Will resources like these at your fingertips, why not give your students a truly wonderful and insightful learning experience? 

To learn more about our free online teaching resources, visit our site. For questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. If you have experience using our resources, please let us know! We value feedback and use it as a tool to keep improving.