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Warriors #1: Into the Wild

Grades: Elementary (3-5)
Subject Area: Language Arts

Receive 20 FREE copies of Warriors #1: Into the Wild, the first book in bestselling author Erin Hunter's action-adventure series Warriors, which introduces young readers to a hidden world of wild cats through the eyes of a domestic cat, Rusty, who ventures into the forest to join them. Limit: one set of 20 books per teacher. Available only to teachers in grades 3-5, and while supplies last. Offer expires September 24, 2015.

Blaze and the Monster Machines
Rev It Up With STEM

Grades: Preschool (age 3-5)
Subject Area: Science, Technology, Engineering, Math

Rev up your STEM curriculum with Nickelodeon's Blaze and the Monster Machines, an interactive, adventure-filled series for preschoolers featuring the world’s most amazing monster truck, Blaze, his eight-year-old driver, AJ, and their Monster Machine friends. Let Blaze inspire your students with these STEM-based creative play activities designed to drive curiosity and learning in class, and additional activities to spark STEM interest at home.

The Science Behind San Andreas

Grades: Middle School
Subject Area: Science, Geography, Safety

Add some extra excitement to the end of the school year with this unique science program inspired by the new film San Andreas, coming to theaters May 29. Standards-based activities introduce students to the science of earthquakes and the risk of natural disasters in their region, and help students create a family emergency preparedness plan.

TURN: Washington's Spies

Grades: High School & College
Subject Area: U.S. History

Bring the Revolution to your classroom with TURN: Washington's Spies, the AMC series that tells the little-known story of the Culper Ring, who were at the core of George Washington's espionage operation during the Revolutionary War. Students explore the divided loyalties of the period, focusing on the treachery of Benedict Arnold, and debate how the work of the Culper Ring compares to America's spy agencies today.

Greener Gadgets

Grades: Elementary (4-6)
Subject Area: Environmental Science

This Earth Day, teach your students how "ecycling" — recycling outdated electronics — can help reduce the environmental impact of their technology choices and promote a more sustainable future for planet Earth. Students create an ecycling action plan for their family and launch a community-wide ecycling campaign. Includes activities and a parent take-home letter in both English and Spanish.

STEM Mobile Labs

Grades: Middle & High School
Subject Area: Science, Technology, Engineering, Math

Introduce your students to STEM Mobile Labs, a FREE mobile app that is your doorway to some of the best STEM-focused content available for mobile phones and tablets. With STEM Mobile Labs, students can leverage the unique capabilities of wireless technology to perform experiments, gather data, conduct research, and more.

The Great American Milk Drive

Grades: Middle School
Subject Area: Health & Nutrition, Social Studies, Language Arts

Help your students fight hunger as they join the dairy farmers of the American Dairy Association and Dairy Council (ADADC) in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania bring fresh milk to local food banks through The Great American Milk Drive. Students learn about the problem of hunger in America and create a class campaign that drives community participation in the milk drive.

Paul Blart's Safety Smarts

Grades: Elementary (ages 7-11)
Subject Area: Safety, Health, Collaborative Learning

America’s safety legend shows kids how to stay safe with these fun and engaging activities based on Paul Blart’s Safety Smarts, a free online video that teaches kids safety tips for everyday situations. Inspired by the new film, Paul Blart Mall Cop 2, arriving in theaters on April 17, the program is designed for afterschool programs, community centers, and youth groups, as well as classrooms, with activities that engage kids in role-play and a take-home safety quiz to share with parents.

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