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Get EGG-ucated!

Grades: Middle School
Subject Area: FACS, Health, STEM, Social Studies

Introduce your students to the new 2015 USDA Dietary Guidelines with these standards-based lesson plans for family and consumer sciences, health, science, social studies, and language arts classes. Students learn how eggs contribute to the healthy eating patterns recommended in the new guidelines, and how egg farmers are protecting the environment through sustainable farming practices.

Dairy Tech

Grades: Elementary (2-4)
Subject Area: Science, Nutrition, Health

What do kids and cows have in common? They both use high-tech devices! Show your students how dairy farmers use 21st century technology to keep their cows healthy and provide families with fresh, nutritious milk every day, while protecting the environment with sustainable agriculture.


Grades: High School & College
Subject Area: History, African American Studies

Enhance your Black History Month class plans with this study guide for Season 2 of the acclaimed WGN America Original Series UNDERGROUND, the gripping saga of a group of slaves who escaped on the Underground Railroad, and the abolitionists who joined them in defiance of the law. Meet the heroes – including Harriet Tubman – who rose up to fight for freedom for all. Premieres Wednesday, March 8, at 10/9c.


Grades: Elementary & Middle School
Subject Area: Science, Geography, Safety

Explore one of nature’s most fearsome weather phenomena with this companion study guide to the film Hurricane, which combines footage collected over five years to tell the story of a fictitious storm, Lucy, and its far-ranging impact on our ecosystem. Includes separate standards-aligned activity sets for grades K-2, 3-5, and 6-8, with hands-on experiments and internet-based research projects.

Greener Gadgets

Grades: Elementary (4-6)
Subject Area: Science

Teach students how “ecycling” — recycling outdated electronics and packaging — can help reduce the environmental impact of their technology choices and promote a more sustainable future for planet Earth. A bilingual program in English and Spanish with a take-home letter for parents.

Play It Safe – Counterfeits Can Be Dangerous

Grades: High School & College
Subject Area: Consumer Education, Photography

Help Take a Bite out of Crime® with this consumer education program designed to inform students about the dangers of buying counterfeit camera accessories and provide them with the tools to know the difference so they don’t get fooled. Developed for high school and college classes in photography, cinematography, photojournalism, and imaging technologies.

Avocado — The Super Fruit!

Grades: Elementary (K-3)
Subject Area: Health & Nutrition, Language Arts

Brighten your wellness curriculum with these standards-based lessons about a favorite fruit — Avocados from Mexico. The activities feature the beloved characters from Sesame Street who are part of the eat brighter!™ campaign to encourage kids to eat more fruits and vegetables, and teach important lessons about nutrition and making good food choices while reinforcing language arts skills.

National Wildfire Community Preparedness Day

Grades: Middle & High School
Subject Area: Safety, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts

Your students can take the lead in helping your community reduce the risks of wildfire by planning a wildfire safety project for Wildfire Community Preparedness Day on May 6, 2017. And to help make your project a success, the NFPA is partnering with State Farm to provide up to 150 project awards of $500 each. Deadline: March 3, 2017.

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