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Step Up to a Healthier You

Grades: Middle & High School
Subject Area: Family & Consumer Science

Integrate the new 2015 USDA Dietary Guidelines into your class plans with activities that teach students the importance of adopting healthy eating patterns that span a lifetime as they use MyPlate to explore how small changes in meal planning, such as including lean protein like that in nutrient-dense pork, can support an overall healthier diet.

Avocado - The Super Fruit!

Grades: Elementary (K-3)
Subject Area: Health & Nutrition, Language Arts

Brighten your wellness curriculum with standards-based lessons about a favorite fruit — Avocados from Mexico. The activities feature the beloved characters from Sesame Street who are part of the eat brighter!™ campaign to encourage kids to eat more fruits and vegetables, and teach important lessons about nutrition and making good food choices while reinforcing language arts skills.

Milk Powers Your Potential!

Grades: Elementary (4-6)
Subject Area: Health & Nutrition, Science

Power up your health curriculum with lessons that teach students how protein works in the body and why high-quality protein, like the protein in milk, is vital to boosting energy and maintaining health. This bilingual program, in English and Spanish, also includes an informative take-home letter for parents and an interactive whiteboard activity.

A Gift of Words

Grades: Elementary (3-4)
Subject Area: Language Arts

Teach your students how to share the gift of words with these activities that guide them through the process of creating and mailing their own greeting cards. Students learn about the history of greeting cards, explore the different occasions when we send greeting cards, and practice addressing an envelope correctly.

Greener Gadgets

Grades: Elementary (4-6)
Subject Area: Science

This Earth Day, teach your students how "ecycling" — recycling outdated electronics — can help reduce the environmental impact of their technology choices and promote a more sustainable future for planet Earth. Students create an ecycling action plan for their family and launch a community ecycling campaign. A bilingual program in English and Spanish.

A Beautiful Planet

Grades: Elementary
Subject Area: Science

Enhance your Earth Day science lessons in April with A Beautiful Planet, a breathtaking portrait of Earth that features stunning footage captured by astronauts aboard the International Space Station. Book a field trip for your class by contacting a local IMAX theatre today, and visit the A Beautiful Planet website for educational activities and information on the film.

Is It Worth It?

Grades: Middle School
Subject Area: Health, Media Literacy, Language Arts

Take action to reverse the rising use of e-cigarettes among tweens and teens with lesson plans that provide students with facts about the health dangers of all nicotine and tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, and expose the misinformation they may see in e-cigarette advertising. This bilingual program also includes a take-home letter to engage parents.

Vaccinate Your Family

Grades: Preschool
Subject Area: Health

Inform and educate the parents and grandparents of every child in your care about the key role they play in protecting their children against serious vaccine-preventable diseases by keeping their own vaccinations up-to-date. Use these take-home handouts and take-home activity to raise awareness and motivate action at your center.

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