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Grades: High School & College
Subject Area: Social Studies, Women's Studies

Bring the fight for equality to life in your classroom with SUFFRAGETTE, the stirring new film about the women who were willing to lose their jobs, their homes, their children, and even their lives for the right to vote. Students explore connections between past and present as they discover how the Suffragettes helped launch a movement for change that set the precedent for taking on issues that still challenge us today.

Dream Big with the Peanuts Gang

Grades: K-12
Subject Area: Language Arts

Start your school year off with standards-based language arts lessons based on the big-screen adventures awaiting your students when the beloved Peanuts characters appear in 3D CGI at theaters everywhere on November 6 in The Peanuts Movie. Separate lesson sets for grades K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12 with activities that promote creativity and collaborative learning.

Discover Dairy Science!

Grades: Elementary (2-4)
Subject Area: Science, Health & Nutrition

Explore the science behind your students’ dairy favorites — milk, cheese, and yogurt — with these standards-based classroom activities and teaching poster. Students follow milk from the dairy farm to the supermarket, experiment with cheese making, and learn the steps for making yogurt. Each activity also includes a nutritious recipe for students to try at home.

Breaking News About "B"

Grades: High School
Subject Area: Health

Here’s news that high school students and their parents need to hear. Vaccines are now available that can help protect against meningitis B, the strain of meningococcal disease that pre-2014 vaccines could not help prevent. Use this program to alert your students and parents to the risks of invasive meningococcal disease and the need for separate vaccination against meningitis B.

Nina's World

Grades: Preschool & Daycare
Subject Area: Creativity, Diversity, Social-Emotional Growth

Encourage your students to see the extraordinary in the everyday with this interactive teaching kit from Nina’s World, a new animated show, airing every night at 7pm ET on Sprout, the 24-hour preschool TV channel. Includes play-based learning activities, a mini-mag for parents, a Best Day Ever Big Book, and a poster packed with opportunities for visual learning.

The Wiz LIVE!

Grades: Elementary & Secondary
Subject Area: English Language Arts, Music, Drama

Take your students on a once-in-a-lifetime learning adventure when The Wiz LIVE! kicks off the holiday season on Thursday, December 3rd at 8/7c on NBC. Use this study guide to make The Wiz LIVE! a “teachable moment” for your students, with activities that will generate excitement, engagement, and discussion before, during, and after the live broadcast.


Grades: High School & College
Subject Area: History, Social Studies

Bring a project shrouded in secrecy to life for your students with Manhattan, the WGN America original series beginning a new season on Tuesday, October 13, 2015, at 9pm/8c. Explore the scientific, political, and ethical dilemmas faced by the men and women who developed the first atomic bomb with activities that draw on primary sources to connect the challenges of those times to issues we face today.

Get EGG-ucated!

Grades: Middle School
Subject Area: FACS, Health, STEM, Social Studies

Help your students learn more about eggs – where they come from, how they contribute to a healthy diet, and how egg farmers use science and technology to make fresh eggs available everywhere every day. Five different teaching kits with standards-based activities for FACS, health, science, technology, social studies, and language arts classes.

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