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Blue's Clues & You!

Grades: Preschool/PreK/K
Subject Area: Social Skills, Pre-Reading, Math, Problem Solving

Blue and her friends are back, with new problem-solving adventures for today's generation of preschoolers. Use these learning activities to join in the fun! Your children will learn about teamwork and friendship as they practice developmental skills such as pre-reading and math, and work together to figure out Blue's clues! The new series, Blue's Clues & You!, launches November 11, on Nickelodeon.

On Our Sleeves: Teaching
Children about Mental Health

Grades: 3-5
Subject Area: Health & Wellness, Social Skills

One in five children today is living with a mental illness. That's why it's time to start talking about children's mental health. Use these resources to help your students explore their feelings and discover strategies for coping with stressful feelings. Help On Our Sleeves™ break the stigma of silence so we can transform children's mental health.

Building Your Future

Grades: High School
Subject Area: Financial Literacy, Math

Give your students the financial know-how they need with interactive lesson plans that provide hands-on experience in all phases of money management. Along the way, students practice the math skills essential for a financially healthy life, including the use of modern math technologies such as spreadsheets and online calculators.

Into the Cloud:
Adventures in Online Safety!

Grades: K-3
Subject Area: Language Arts, Technology, Cyber Citizenship

Prepare your students for safe adventures online with Into the Cloud, the new NetSmartz® web-series that takes kids on an exciting journey through the internet to learn about online safety and cyber citizenship. Make Into the Cloud part of your language arts curriculum with standards-based classroom activities, detailed episode guides, and a take-home letter for parents.

Dairy Recyclers

Grades: 2-4
Subject Area: STEM, Environmental Science

Get your students excited about sustainability by exploring the many ways dairy farmers recycle to protect and preserve the environment. Students learn why dairy cows are natural recyclers and use recycled dairy containers for desktop farming. Special Offer: The first 100 teachers who provide feedback will receive 36 free CowPots – biodegradable pots made from recycled cow manure – and a packet of seeds for their students.

Potatoes for Peak Performance

Grades: High School
Subject Area: Sports Performance, Nutrition

Empower your students both in the classroom and on the field with these high performance handouts from Potatoes USA. Students learn how potatoes promote recovery of important nutrients after a workout, and how the carbohydrates in potatoes can help power up their muscles and minds.

Greener Gadgets

Grades: 4-6
Subject Area: STEM, Environmental Science

Teach your students how recycling outdated tech products and packaging can lead to a more sustainable future for planet Earth. Students explore renewable and non-renewable resources, create a recycling action plan for their family, and learn how innovation has made tech devices more and more energy efficient.

Remarkable, Sustainable Paper!

Grades: 4-6
Subject Area: Environmental Science, Math

November 15 is America Recycles Day! Celebrate by teaching your students the importance of reducing waste and making sustainable choices with something they use every day — paper. Use these NGS standards-aligned activities to explore the life cycle of paper production as students learn why paper is one of the most recycled resources on the planet and how recycling paper and cardboard products helps protect the environment.

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