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How Does Your Garden Grow?

Grades: Elementary School (3-5)
Subject Area: STEM, Biology, Technology, Geography

Help your students learn more about one of our most critical resources – water – with standards-based lessons that explore the many ways humans have been moving water for thousands of years. Students learn about irrigation and how it works to produce food and improve our quality of life. These lessons also examine the water cycle, photosynthesis, and the life cycle of plants.

Got You Covered!

Grades: Middle School (6-9)
Subject Area: STEM, Science, Engineering

Coatings cover 70 percent of the products made in the U.S., helping protect infrastructure, prevent disease, and power our mobile devices, as well as adding color to our world. Use these hands-on standards-based activities to investigate the science behind a broad array of coatings applications while introducing students to opportunities for careers in science and engineering

Planet Power

Grades: Elementary & Middle School (K-8)
Subject Area: STEM/STEAM, Physics, Environmental Science

Share the adventure of Solar Impulse 2, the first solar-powered aircraft to circle the globe, with this study guide for the new film Planet Power. Students explore the history of electrical research, experiment with solar power, and learn how solar technologies can help us meet our growing energy needs, while also protecting the health of our planet.

15 Pages A Day

Grades: Elementary & Middle School (K-8)
Subject Area: Reading, Language Arts, History

Motivate your students keep reading all summer long with 15 Pages A Day, a reading challenge designed to help readers of all ages reconnect with the pleasures of printed books. Students create their own pledge certificates and bookmarks to help them read at least 15 pages every day during summer vacation.

UL Xplorlabs

Grades: Middle School
Subject Area: Science, Technology, Engineering, Math

Add a new dimension to your STEM curriculum with UL Xplorlabs®, a FREE module-based learning platform created by Underwriters Laboratories. UL Xplorlabs® brings safety science to your classroom and allows students to solve real-world problems with NGSS-aligned interactive videos, hands-on activities, and collaborative classroom challenges.

Nella the Princess Knight

Grades: Preschool/Daycare
Subject Area: Social-Emotional Growth, Self-Image

Introduce your preschoolers to Nella the Princess Knight, the Nick Jr animated series created to nurture social-emotional growth with stories that empower preschoolers to be courageous and kind, self-confident, collaborative, and accepting of others, all while celebrating diversity and teaching conflict resolution. Use these creative play activities to drive curiosity and learning both in class and at home.

Astronaut Training Experience

Grades: Elementary - High School (4-12)
Subject Area: STEM, Physics, Environmental Science

Give your students a learning experience that’s literally out of this world with the new Astronaut Training Experience® and Mars Base 1 adventures at Kennedy Space Center, where students can train like real NASA astronauts and discover what it will take to live on Mars. Start the countdown in your classroom with these hands-on physics and environmental science activities, NGSS-aligned for grades 4-6 and 7-12.

Taking Down Tobacco

Grades: Middle School
Subject Area: Health, Community Action

Taking Down Tobacco is an interactive youth training program that motivates students to become part of the first tobacco-free generation. Add this innovative health education resource to your curriculum with lesson plans that inform students about the health dangers of all tobacco products and the deceptions of tobacco marketing.

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