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Never Give Up, Charlie Brown!

Grades: Elementary & Middle School (3-8)
Subject Area: Language Arts, Goal Setting

Let the Peanuts gang help you kick off the new school year with fun language arts activities designed to help your students develop a positive mindset and strong goal-setting skills. Elementary and middle school activity sets meet curriculum standards for grades 3-5 and 6-8.

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Grades: Elementary (3-5)
Subject Area: Science, Biology, Technology

Help your students learn more about one of our most critical resources — water — with standards-based lessons that explore the many ways humans have been moving water for thousands of years. Students learn about irrigation and how it works to produce food and improve our quality of life in communities across the nation.

DC Super Hero Girls -
Super Heroes Unite!

Grades: Elementary (1-4)
Subject Area: Language Arts, Goal Setting, Social Skills

Let the DC Super Hero Girls start your school year with a learning adventure that builds self-esteem, supportive friendships, and teamwork skills. Inspired by the budding Super Heroes at Super Hero High School, students celebrate their diverse strengths and talents, practice collaborating on a class project, and develop goal-setting skills that can last a lifetime!

From Cow to You: How Milk Gets from Farm to Table

Grades: Elementary & Middle School (5-8)
Subject Area: Health, Environmental Science

Help your students make a personal connection to the concept of sustainability through the example of New England’s regional dairy farmers. Students learn how New England dairy farmers care for their cows and their farm land, why most kids need three servings of dairy every day, and create a public awareness campaign to reduce food waste at school.

Summer of Mars

Grades: Elementary (4-5)
Subject Area: Science, Technology, Engineering

Summer of Mars at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for students and their families to experience our journey to Mars firsthand. Best of all, admission is FREE for incoming fifth-graders. Use these NASA-approved STEM lesson plans to ready your students for their expedition to Mars!

Water Wise

Grades: Elementary (2-4)
Subject Area: Science, Nutrition, Health

Help your students become water wise as they learn how local dairy farmers conserve water on their farms, and how they and their families can conserve water at home. Students explore the many ways dairy farmers protect the watershed, conduct a hands-on experiment to investigate the water cycle, and discover the importance of dairy nutrition.

Monster Guard:
Prepare for Emergencies

Grades: Elementary (1-6)
Subject Area: Safety, Science, Math, Geography, Language Arts

Let the Monster Guard help your students prepare for real-life emergencies with these app-based lesson plans from the American Red Cross. Students explore the science behind different types of emergencies and learn how to stay safe when emergencies happen, so they can practice and share what they have learned with family and friends.

Taking Down Tobacco

Grades: Middle School
Subject Area: Health, Community Action

Taking Down Tobacco is an interactive youth training program that motivates students to become part of the first tobacco-free generation. Add this innovative health education resource to your curriculum with lesson plans that inform students about the health dangers of all tobacco products and the deceptions of tobacco marketing.

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