Lesson Plans

Sound Off Storybooks

Grades: Elementary (2-3)

Subject Area: Health & Safety, Math, Language Arts

Made Possible By: Michigan Public Health Institute with a grant from USDHS/FEMA

Displayed below are several versions of the Sound Off Storybook (Join the Home Fire Safety Patrol) in English and Spanish.

  • The read-aloud and mini-storybook versions may be printed out for students.
  • The narrated “flipbook” versions may be presented in class on a digital whiteboard or computer, or you can provide students with the URLs so they can hear the story read aloud at home.
  • The PowerPoint version (available only in English) is designed for classroom presentation and includes a short interactive quiz at the end.

Choose the version best suited to your students and the educational setting. (NOTE: Both the flipbook and the PowerPoint versions of the storybook include smoke alarm sounds that may not be appropriate for students sensitive to loud noises.)

Click the images below to download these resources.


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