Family Resources

Family communication is an essential part of keeping children healthy and safe. These free Over-the-Counter Medicine Safety family resources in English and Spanish are designed to help ensure that households know how to use, handle, and store medicines responsibly to prevent medicine mistakes or misuse.

woman giving her daughter medicine

Downloadable Resources

Family and caregiver resources in English and Spanish to encourage discussions around over-the-counter medicine safety.

Family Letter (English/Spanish)

Family Activities (English)

Family Activities (Spanish)

Games and Videos

Engage young people with interactive online games, quizzes, videos, a digital storybook, and a Kahoot! challenge to reinforce over-the-counter medicine safety.

Trivia Game

Trivia Game


Medicine Safety Kahoot!


Digital Storybook

Additional Resources

Visit the websites below to learn more about over-the-counter medicine safety.

Up and Away Website

Get Relief Responsibly Website

FDA OTC Website

OTC Medicine Safety Coalition

The Over-the-Counter Medicine Safety Coalition is a public-private partnership that brings together external partners in the non-profit and education world to collaborate, ideate, and scale best practices for the Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc.-developed OTC Medicine Safety health literacy program.