Games and Videos

Engage students with interactive games and videos for some classroom (or at home) fun! Use these tools to reinforce Over-the-Counter Medicine Safety concepts and messages, including understanding the Drug Facts label, proper dosing, potential consequences and harms of misuse, and safe storage and disposal of OTC medicines.

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Games and Videos

Use these interactive online tools to reinforce the messages presented in the lesson units and activities. The tools include:

Video: Sidelined at Practice

Video: A Social Media Challenge

Trivia Game

Interactive game to reinforce learning.

NEW Video Unit

Digital Storybook

PDF Storybook about family medicine safety.

Medicine Safety Video & Quiz

Medicine safety video and animated quiz.

Interactive Activity: Safe Medicine 

Interactive safe medicine storage game.

Medicine Safety Kahoot!

Kahoot! quiz on over-the-counter medicine safety.

OTC Medicine Safety Coalition

The Over-the-Counter Medicine Safety Coalition is a public-private partnership that brings together external partners in the non-profit and education world to collaborate, ideate, and scale best practices for the Kenvue-developed OTC Medicine Safety health literacy program.