School Nurse Resources

Nurses and healthcare professionals play a vital role in supporting the health and safety of students and the community. Over-the-Counter Medicine Safety equips school nurses with relevant information related to OTC medicine safety, including podcast episodes that feature healthcare professionals, student advocates, and parents to help spotlight OTC medicine safety and your role as a nurse educator.

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Kenvue – NASN Podcast Series

NASN Executive Director Donna Mazyck discusses over-the-counter medication administration, safety, storage, carry, and disposal best practices in schools with medical professionals and a student in this three-part series of the NASN School Nurse Chat podcast.

Safe Administration of OTC Medications in Schools

Improving OTC Med Safety in Your School Community

Safe Storage, Carry, and Disposal of OTC Medicine

Family Resources

A household guide to OTC medicine safety, plus at-home activities to help make responsible medicine use a priority for the whole family. Family resources are available in English and Spanish.

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Family Video Letter (English/Spanish)


Family Activities (English/Spanish)

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Family Letter (English/Spanish)

Games and Videos

Engage students with interactive online games, quizzes, videos, a digital storybook, and a Kahoot! challenge to reinforce over-the-counter medicine safety.

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NEW Videos

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Trivia Game


Safety Kahoot!

Resources from NASN

Visit these websites for additional resources from NASN.

NASN Guidelines

OTC Medicine Safety Coalition

The Over-the-Counter Medicine Safety Coalition is a public-private partnership that brings together external partners in the non-profit and education world to collaborate, ideate, and scale best practices for the Kenvue-developed OTC Medicine Safety health literacy program.