Lessons for Grades 5-6

The Over-the-Counter Medicine Safety program provides important foundational information to help equip children with knowledge about over-the-counter medicine safety and practices. These teaching units, designed for grades 5-6, explore all facets of the Drug Facts label and the importance of taking and storing OTC medicine safely. An emphasis is placed on always checking with an adult before taking any medication.


Introductory and Complete Kits

Download the Introductory Kit for a program overview and to introduce your students to the topic of over-the-counter medicine safety and how to read the Drug Facts label. For a more comprehensive exploration, the Complete Kit features five detailed lesson plan units and a bonus activity on all facets of the Drug Facts label plus using and storing OTC medicines safely. There is also information for principals and an opt-out form for families who do not wish for their children to participate in the program.

Resource Overview

Introductory Classroom Kit


All Complete Kit Teacher’s Guides

All Complete Kit Activities

Pre/Post Quiz and Answers

Curricular Standards for All Kits

Program Information for Principals

Family Opt-Out Form

Individual Units

Click the images to download the program’s five individual units and the bonus activity unit. Each of the five units includes a teacher’s guide, activity sheet, mini-poster, answer key, and the family letter in English and Spanish. In addition, Unit 1 includes a pre/post quiz to assess student knowledge-gain.

Unit 1:

OTC & Prescription Medicines

Unit 2:

The Drug Facts Label

Unit 3:

Measuring, Storing, & Disposing of Medicine

Unit 4:

Medicine Misuse

Unit 5:

Review Activity (Informational Text)

Bonus Unit:

Review Activity (Media Literacy)

Family Resources

Share these resources with your students’ families and caregivers. In addition to the family letter included in each of the five units above, there are learning activities for families to share (in English and Spanish).


Family Letter (English/Spanish)

Family Activities (English)

Family Activities (Spanish)

Games and Videos

Engage students with interactive online games, quizzes, videos, a digital storybook, and a Kahoot! challenge to reinforce over-the-counter medicine safety.

Trivia Game

Trivia Game


Medicine Safety Kahoot!

The Perfect Project

Digital Storybook

OTC Medicine Safety Coalition

The Over-the-Counter Medicine Safety Coalition is a public-private partnership that brings together external partners in the non-profit and education world to collaborate, ideate, and scale best practices for the Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc.-developed OTC Medicine Safety health literacy program.